Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Dr. Fulton's Step-By-Step Program for Clearing Acne

from the diary: “August 25, 1985

“I’m reading an excellent book on clearing up acne that has told me so much I never knew.”

I have noticeable acne scars. If I’d found Fulton’s book a few years earlier I think I would have suffered less. Benzoil peroxide is his main recommendation, but make sure the cream is water-based because an oil-base, says Fulton, greatly cuts the medication’s effectiveness. I did find a water-based product, but it was a brand I sometimes had to special-order. And it was very helpful. Unfortunately it will bleach your clothes; it is a peroxide.

I don’t think the book I read is still in print. But Fulton has other books (and products).

Acne isn’t just ugly, it can be painful. I still get the occasional pimple but nothing like I suffered with in my late teens/early 20s. These days I find vitamin E oil helps heal a pimple quickly.


hbjock said...

I also hear that Proativ works wonders too.. heheh if only I had stuck to it when my mom bought that stuff for me =) Nah my acne's not bad at all

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Good. If present Glenn could ship past Glenn care packages, acne meds would be in the box.