Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Dehumanization of Man

From the diary: Sunday June 23, 1985

Return to Oz is the dehumanization of Oz. I read The Dehumanization of Man by Ashley Montagu & Matson a few days ago – this movie fits a lot of the symptoms.”

Since I don’t remember The Dehumanization of Man and I talked about Return to Oz in my last post I’ll mention a few other things I’ve been seeing in my diary. I was working furiously on my first issue of The Oogaboo Review, hoping to have it ready for the Oz Convention. I videotaped my brother & his friends in their first parachute jump (sadly, there was some glitch and only the first blossoming of the chutes and the landing ended up recorded). I went to the gradnite party of a friend two years behind me in high school. I had bad acne and fought with my mother over going to a dermatologist – I still had no regular job so couldn’t pay for it myself and Mom was contemptuous of medical doctors. Mom was going to city council meetings about saving the Sebastopol laguna and stopping McDonald’s and other civic stuff.

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