Thursday, June 16, 2005

Green Fuse

From the diary: “March 13, 1985

“Somebody called me from Green Fuse, told me they were taking ‘Sun Dance’. Hafta send a bio.”

Green Fuse was a new poetry zine published right there in Sebastopol. The editors were looking to publish poetry that celebrates the natural world and/or decries maltreatment of it. I got a few poems in the zine over its lifetime but I rarely write the sort of thing they were looking for – my oh sublime seascape bucolic meadow fantastic forest poems are few. And the closest I get to scolding is lacerating self-criticism, which doesn’t quite fit the finger wagging at enviro-crooks mold. I’ve tried to match poems to themes at other magazines, too, and have seldom had luck with it. Do my poems not have themes?

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