Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Oogaboo Review

From the diary: “December 1, 1981

“Last Wednesday was the last day of poetry. Sigh. No more poetry class. Boo hoo. Diana H. made a pretty card which we all signed and presented to Maureen and Zara. They were very happy with it. Diana and I got the idea to make the card during Journalism, but we should have made two, one for each of them. Oh, well. I circulated a paper … for everyone to write how much they loved the poetry class … I gave it to [Principal] Barrett[‘s secretary].” I was hoping this would help make the case for a Creative Writing Class during the regular class day.

“I got a letter from Eric Gjovaag containing all four of last year’s Oogaboo Reviews. ‘The historic first year.’ Yeah, sure. The Oogaboo Reviews are in trade for The Lost Queen of Oz.”

There was a flurry of tiny press Oz publishing with Eric Gjovaag doing the quarterly Oogaboo Review out of Seattle, David Maxine doing a Munchkin-themed quarterly (I don’t recall the name) out of Minneapolis, there was one out of Texas, I believe, The Quadling Quarterly? The newsletters covered the doings of subregions of the club and included book reviews and stories and quizzes and other puzzles. Oz people seem to love quizzes. I was up to episode 6 of The Lost Queen of Oz serial.

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David Lee Ingersoll said...

Eric Gjovaag said to say hi. I wrote to him a couple of weeks ago asking if he knew about any Oz comics I'd missed. I gave him your blog addresses so he might be reading this entry sometime.