Thursday, April 21, 2005


While I like Comic Book Galaxy I’ve decided to remove it from the Viewing and Reviewing links and replace it with a booklog, I Eat Books. I’m looking to have a batch of links to sites that talk about books (or music or movies or whatever) in the context of the reader’s life. OK, rhubarb is susan doesn’t really do that but where else does somebody write about individual poems? I just think that’s cool. I Eat Books is written by a woman who signs herself “L”; her other blog is snappy and fun and more frequently updated. But IEB is built around the books. Only one book at a time is featured on the home page and there’s no easy way to tell how deep the archives are, but L has sorted the books into genres: humor, mystery, horror, awful, etc. How much personal context is there? Not a lot. But, as in her review of Vanity Fair, enough to give you a hint of where she is: “Seeing so many trailers for the upcoming movie adaptation (starring Reese Witherspoon) reminded me of this classic, which is one of my favorites. My current copy is a tattered paperback that I've begun holding together with a very large rubber band.” L usually ends her reviews with a recommended dining accompaniment. For Vanity Fair she suggests, “A box of marzipan would be the ideal dessert on which to nibble while reading about the characters of Vanity Fair; it is very sweet with very little substance -- and can often leave a slightly unpleasant aftertaste on the tongue.”

A blog I’m watching is the bookslut blog. I discovered it when it appeared among my “referring web pages”. As the bookslutters seem to have mentioned Dare I Read? nowhere on their site I don’t know how they came to be a referring link, but I like bookslut anyway. (Odd sites seem to show up in the "referring web pages" list, sites that seem never to have thought of anything remotely like Dare I Read? Dunno.)

If you know of a blog you think is sorta what I’m looking for, do let me know.


L said...

hello! thanks for visiting and mentioning my blog! I've been so busy that I haven't been doing postings as of late, but will be getting back on track shortly :)

I'll add a link to Dare I Read...

Glenn Ingersoll said...

We love links! But we won't remove a link to your site if it doesn't happen. What we want is posts to read!