Saturday, April 02, 2005


I found the Taze Files via one of the blog directories. After reading a few entries I told its author that I was adding his blog to my “viewing and reviewing” links. I posted this as a comment, “I'm not so much looking for book reviews as I'm looking for people talking about their reading (or movie watching or music listening) on a personal basis, not just whether the book is good but more where it fits in the context of the reader's life. I decided to add Taze Files to my links when I read the earlier entry about Sweet Valley High. Sure, some evaluation of the book's quality but I liked the personal musing.”

If any of my readers here knows of a blog that does that do let me know. I want to check it out.

Musing on methods himself Merwyn says, “Dare I Read? is an original concept where the author focuses more on the story surrounding his book than the book itself. Summaries and critical reviews can be found just about anywhere for any published book. I'll just use Glenn's technique when the occasion calls for it.”

I have found another blog via a link at comic book galaxy that’s what I’m looking for: Daily Burn

Daily Burn focuses on superheroes, primarily comic books, with a special affection for The Hulk. I’ve been through my obsessive phases and I totally grok Mick’s musing on being a completist. “When I first started reading comics, The Incredible Hulk was all I bothered buying, UNLESS he showed up in another title. I stopped reading comics in my late teens, and when I started up again in my early twenties, I became obsessed with getting my hands on every Hulk appearance possible, no matter how unimportant it seemed to the wider story of the Green-sometimes-Gray Golitah.” Says Mick, “in a lot of cases he showed up for one or two panels.” Now that’s being a completist!

Then there’s the post where Mick reviews the evidence for a sexual relationship between two of the teen Avengers, seems it's been quite the controversy on the internet comics boards. “Hulkling and Lightning Lad compliment each other on their fighting ability. … Wow. Now that’s gay.” If “heroes” aren’t using each other as punching bags what could they be but gay?

Another blog I’ve skimmed a bit and am thinking of adding to my links: Derek Martinez

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