Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Joy of Signing

From the diary: “September 20, 1981

“I rewrote the crummy essay from Mrs Ford. My first essay got a D-. She entered all the first essays as pre-test scores. I hope I get better than a ‘D’ on this disgusting rewrite.”

A few days later I write, “I finally got a ‘C+’ on an essay. Best yet.”

So we start 11th grade. This was the year I came close to failing English? I’d remembered it as Freshman year.

“September 26, 1981

“I found The Joy of Signing at the ‘brary and Mom checked it out.”

I had my own library card, certainly. Maybe Mom was trying to brush up her sign after the summer. It is very difficult to teach oneself Sign from a book.

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