Thursday, March 03, 2005

Mouth Sounds

From my diary: “January 3, 1981

“Jean and Lee [old friends of my mother] gave us the new Queen album The Game and a book called Mouth Sounds which is a kind of a weird book.”

As I recall my brother David got custody of the Queen album (I think I only liked “Another One Bites the Dust”). Mouth Sounds was filled with instructions on how to produce goofy sounds with your mouth. I was embarrassed by the gift. It implied that I (we?) made funny sounds with our mouths already, didn’t it? A flexi-vinyl record came bound in the book. Once I got over myself I did try out a few of the instructions. I can still do the cork pop (palm facing out insert finger between pursed lips, cheek taut, flick finger forward, this makes the pop) and the pouring champagne (keeping cheeks taut, whap cheek on the outside with finger, the closer it gets to mouth the higher the sound will rise in pitch, thus mimicking the sound of pouring liquid).

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