Monday, March 14, 2005

The Magic of Oz

From the diary: “March 1, 1981

“I read The Magic of Oz today and I’m starting Glinda of Oz.”

The Magic of Oz sends all the "celebrities" of the Emerald City off through the land of Oz to find birthday presents for Ozma. Not a compelling premise. To shake things up a bit the Nome King (who has been banished from his kingdom partly through the goody-good deeds of the goody-good Oz folks) builds a new army to take out his nemeses.

The creepy fate that stuck in my mind in Magic: Trot & Cap'n Bill get trapped on a river island, rooted to the earth. The longer they stay the deeper their own bodies grow roots and their above ground selves shrink away.

At this time I was also writing a story of my own to take to the summer Oz convention.

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