Friday, February 25, 2005

Purpose Me

I've decided to start a new blog purely for my booklog (call it a klog?). I don't think of these as book reviews. I began my booklog in order to remember what books I'd read. It struck me one day standing in a bookstore flipping through a book that I thought I'd read it, maybe. If I'd read it I didn't want to read it again. But how would I know I'd read it unless I started reading it and knew what was going to happen before it happened? So many books in the world I didn't want to go rereading ones I'd already got through. Gotta read different ones. Yes, I will allow myself to read a book I've read before. But I'd prefer knowing I'd read it rather than suspecting so, or realizing partway through. So, thought I, as an aid to memory I shall make note of what I've read.

At first I tried noting movies, magazines and record albums as well as books. But that proved ridiculously beyond my capabilities. If I was going to do it at all it was going to have to be a project with real limits. Books only. I'm not going to say there's never been an exception because there's always going to be an exception somewhere sometime for something, y'dig? Still, I hew pretty close to book.


David Lee Ingersoll said...

Yup. Comments field works. Even on my old OS9 Mac. Cheers!

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Thanks for checkin' that out for me, bro. You da bomb.